I started Patient Data Protection with Matthew Fiorenza, a trusted friend, security expert, and veteran technology entrepreneur because I knew better HIPAA and ADA compliance solutions existed. I believed that we could make a big difference in improving health care providers’ ability to understand and comply with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules and ADA Website Accessibility regulations. We have the tools, expertise and scalable services needed to help small and solo providers meet their compliance requirements. Patient Data Protection is a trusted digital partner with 24/7/365 monitoring and live tech support at the best rates.

Tell us more about your practice/clinic

The following questions help our team better understand your clinic size and digital security risks. Completing this questionnaire will also help providers better understand the major components of HIPAA and ADA Compliance. It will also allow us to provide you with the specific solutions and information best suited for your clinic practice.  We will provide you via email a comprehensive report within 2 business days.