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Thank you for visiting our site. As a seasoned business owner and Acupuncturist, understanding and complying with the laws and standards that regulate patient care in my practice has always been a priority. So, I was surprised to learn in March 2020 that my business’ policies, procedures, and software tools were not compliant with the updated HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules for managing patients’ electronic protected health information (ePHI), nor did my website meet the current Americans with Disabilities (ADA) compliance standards (WCAG 2.1 AA). I was paying hundreds-and-hundreds of dollars a year to GoDaddy for domains, websites and email services that did not comply with current HIPAA Laws nor ADA accessibility requirements; and GoDaddy had no reasonable solution.

In the next week, I spent more than $2,000 migrating my practice’s website to a “secure server” for HIPAA compliance, and installing ADA Website Accessibility software to improve the function and access for all content and forms on the site. I was relieved to have the budget and tools available to make these changes, and I understood that this was not a one-time investment. Instead, these were new operating expenses needed to run my practice, just like paying for my lease, supplies, insurance, and taxes.

After investing in these changes though, I realized that the ADA tool, that I paid $600 for was not very good and it failed a compliance audit: no refunds available. I spent additional money on a better ADA website tool, and it passed with flying colors. Then I started researching the 2005 HIPAA Security Rule requirements and found out that the $1200 I spent on the secure server migration addressed some by not all of my HIPAA compliance needs.

Now, I don’t claim to be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I do know my way around rules and regulations pretty well. I figured, if solving these problems was new and confusing to me, then my colleagues around the county would be in for a shock to know how little they actually knew about these legal and compliance issues. So, I vowed that by the time my Secure Server and ADA software subscriptions expired, I would identify the best compliance options available, research and understand the benefits and limits of each, and be in a position to provide my colleagues with better information than I had when I made those first fateful, and expensive decisions. I wanted to turn my disappointment and confusion into a positive experience through which I could help educate colleagues and provide solutions to these problems, because I knew that I could provide more comprehensive tools and services at a better value.

I did the research, built a team, partnered with the best innovators that specialize in HIPAA compliance, data security and ADA Website accessibility. Patient Data Protection, LLC is now a one-stop vendor that provides expert support in digital HIPAA compliance and meeting current ADA website accessibility standards. We are subject matter experts in not only these areas, but more importantly we understand the needs of small practices and solo practitioners. Our technology partners have the best tools, but they and everyone else the tech/digital space like working with bigger clients with bigger budgets. Their customer service is not designed for personal service, they cannot hand-hold providers through the finer aspects of troubleshooting, nor can they slow down their processes for others to catch-up. That is why Patient Data Protection exists. We are the software installers who handle your questions and monitor your updates.

I started Patient Data Protection, LLC with Matthew Fiorenza, a trusted friend, security expert, and veteran technology entrepreneur because I knew better HIPAA and ADA compliance solutions existed. I believed that we could make a big difference in improving Acupuncturists’ ability to understand and comply with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules and ADA Website Accessibility regulations. We have the tools, expertise and scalable services needed to help small and solo providers meet their compliance requirements. Patient Data Protection is a trusted digital partner with 24/7/365 monitoring and live tech support at the best rates.

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About Us

The tools and technology we use to protect healthcare practices and their patients are the most reliable and secure available.  We deliver the highest quality technical programming, secure website hosting, data security, and access reliability. Patient Data Protection’s online servers are hosted in a secure facility with 100% generator backup 24/7/365 controlled access.  Our remote sever security system relies on biometric palm scanners and proximity card readers to verify personnel access.  In the event of a local catastrophic event, there are five synchronized locations in the United States that seamlessly support your real-time website and date security reliability.

Why Us?

Our compliance and implementation services are handled by friendly, seasoned professionals, and our advisory board includes veteran technology and medical professionals.  Patient Data Protection is a passion project designed to support Small Providers from alternative and emerging healthcare disciplines.

As patient demand and insurance plan coverages have expanded to include alternative and integrative care, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, and Mental Health professionals and Addiction specialists now find themselves increasingly drawn into shared healthcare delivery systems with mandatory technical and compliance requirements.

Patient Data Protection delivers support and service tools that keep providers legally compliant and well-informed about the compliance challenges of today and tomorrow.  We are here to eliminate any uncertainty and business disruptions associated with solving and implementing HIPAA and technical compliance regulations.

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