David Bibbey, L.Ac is a familiar face in his community, and often speaks to local civic groups and organizations about the benefits of traditional and natural medicine. David has been clinic director for Alternative Primary Care in Crystal River, Florida for the past 12 years. He is a contributor to his hometown newspaper, the Citrus County Chronical and provides regular articles that spotlight evidence-based treatment options for common health concerns.
David graduated from Florida College of Integrative Medicine in 2011, earning a master’s degree in OM. He was a FSOMA student member and has been a volunteer director since 2011. David has been elected or appointed to serve as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Pres and President of FSOMA, and the past 10 years he has been the Legislative Committee Chair and lead many advocacy efforts and special projects.
As Acupuncture services continue to be recognized and embraced for their safe and effective patient care outcome, David has seen and experienced how the roles and responsibilities of Acupuncturists are evolving. He has observed that the biggest changes to acupuncture practice are happening in practice management and regulation compliance. So, he has been researching, teaching and providing tools that help make HIPAA Privacy and Data Security compliance easier and more affordable for small and solo practices.
David is a NCCAOM PDA Provider, and he teaches Safety and Ethics courses that help Acupuncturists understand the Federal and State compliance requirements for safeguarding patients’ data and privacy. Understanding patients’ rights and providers’ legal obligations helps clinic owners develop best practices that protect their businesses and comply with the law.
As CEO of Patient Data Protection, David works with State Acupuncture Associations’ leadership, their members, and other licensees to help keep them informed about patient privacy and data security laws. He is often asked to participate in events designed to strengthen the profession’s understanding of these issues and develop best practices for clinic management. Acupuncture Today routinely publishes David’s HIPAA compliance articles provided to help Acupuncturists better understand these concepts and develop a plan to comply.
David understands that health care providers want to invest their time, energy, and talent into helping patients; and that any distraction from that primary task is generally unwelcome. This is why he supports small and solo providers and offers affordable consulting and software tools that are easy to use, so Acupuncturists can thrive without fear of fines, lawsuits, and audits for non-compliance.